Friday, April 09, 2010

reBIRTH: almost here. It is still cold in Switzerland. I am back from hiatus with no regrets. Only a deep desire to get back into it. Here I am peeking forward from my nest after hibernating in adventures and melodies.

Speaking of melodies, my good friend Loren Lopez, an absolutely brilliant + talented girl, just released her first album - BLUE CANDY. Loren's voice is at once luscious, soft, rich, and tender. But it has strength & power to it. A bit of a jazz edge that reminds one of luminous evenings in the 1920's when subtle elegance was key. It's available on iTunes and her single "British Attraction" just got picked up by MTV, Virgin, MCM (French MTV) etc. I am bursting with pride. We used to be peas in the 9-5 pod but she broke away and concentrated full time on music, her true love. She always would sing and do gigs at night or on weekends after her day job. Little by little, she worked her way into her dream. That's the best story I think. Not the overnight success that makes it all seem like luck. But the very adult, real world story of working to pay the bills while chipping away at your dream one layer at a time. For many of us this is the one and only action plan.

So I am here to let you in on a sweet masterpiece by an emerging artist. The director and creator of the video is also a young, emerging French talent. They created the video with pretty much no budget. Just friends, a couple of plane tickets GVA to LONDON, a rented British taxi cab in Grenoble, France (for the interior shots), and maniac cool ideas. Oh, and some wicked fierce style from Miss Lopez courtesy of Zara and H&M (yes that's right! It doesn't cost much to look goregous. Don't believe what you hear!) If you dream of love affairs in Paris, luscious adventures around the world, and being a techincolor girl in a black and white world...Loren's music will take you away and inspire you.

Welcome to Spring! We're so glad you are here.

LOREN LOPEZ - "British Attraction" music video
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