Monday, August 31, 2009

i HEART Hawaii...

A Day in the Life of Hawaii...imagine watching a  fisherman at sunrise in Kahala, taking an afternoon walk through banyan trees, or watching a group of surfers during a brilliant Waikiki sunset...well, you matter where you are right now. Intimate images of everyday life in Hawaii are captured in vivid detail & storytelling by Hawaii Fish Eye. A blog that captures everything from local street art recently done in homage to Michael Jackson to the local Japanese bon dancing festival or the humor of a glass bottom boat full of tourists checking out local surfers instead of the local, underwater fish.

With dates and exact time the pictures where taken, there are also quotes that provide great story telling, humor, and peaceful contemplation. A joy to behold and check out, Hawaii Fish Eye offers a break from your everyday life. Kind of like a mini Mai Tai break or breathe of fresh air....

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the ReMiX...

over at the selby...they're staging a "peek-in", artist style. The Selby has always reminded me of Nathalie Lecroc. She's a Parisian artist I once met & interviewed who did portraits of women's handbags...or rather the inside of their bags. What spilled out onto her table revealed a lot about people and what was going on in their lives at the time. Her watercolor portraits are like an anthropology experiment. The idea that what we carry around with us speaks volumes of who we are and what's most important to us. The Selby is doing something similar with glimpses into the homes of artists & creative spirits. André in Paris was featured recently. More about him and Miss Lecroc in an upcoming street style post...


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Rock N' Rolla...

"Don'tcha wanna be a rock n' rolla?"...I know I do. Something's been on my mind lately. Something I've observed. It's like all these influences from the 60's, 70's, and 80's...these very distinct & different decades are happening all at once.

And I have a theory.

(of course I do.)

Earlier in the year when the f-bomb hit..(a.k.a. the global financial crisis)...up-to-the-minute coverage of "we're in a shitty place but we don't know where we're going.."...we were seeing influences in fashion and design from the art deco era..1920's and 1930's. Structured lines, clean color patterns, simplicity and hard edges. People were seeking comfort from the storm, reassurance, structure, straight lines & ironed flat hair. But now we're seeing hair tousled and shaken up, t-shirts slashed with carefully placed holes a.k.a. the 1980's.

And now... 
...Now there feels a slight head turn towards the future, towards 2010. Is there an upswing on its way to us?

All I know is that when people start to see glimmers of relief come end '09/early '10, they're going to want to break free...if only just a little. Not to spend money like they spent before or rack up more credit card debt. No, this is not what I mean..I think people will just want to let go of this past year's stress a little bit. -- Feel a little bit freer, express themselves more. Shout n' let the boogie man out.
And so this is my theory as to why we're seeing influences from the big 3 decades...60's,70's, 80's. It's because each of these eras reflected freedom & charisma in a different way. Zeigeist from expressive and carefree senses of time and place. 

Whether it was Woodstock, Studio 54, or an urge to Flashdance, get Footloose, or find some Fame...all these eras were inspired by the idea that "enjoy today...because you never know what tomorrow will bring.." 

Usually, one specific decade stands out in a fashion collection season. But this Fall & Winter '09, hints and nods are popping up all over the place in homage to these three vibrant decades...1960's...1970's...1980's. features collections by brands such as Superfine and my all-star favorite: Alexander Wang. Cuz this Fall's all about heavy metal. Being done up in zippers and studs, laces and braces. In the lines of Guy Ritchie's "Rock N' Rolla".

The Joan Jett movie "The Runaways" hits screens in 2010 with "Twilight" actress Kristen Stewart playing the infamous rock queen. And there's this whole kind of "I want rock n' roll all niight...and parrty everyday" kind of expressionism. We're tired of being good and responsible and counting our pennies through the f-bomb. We just wanna hang out with friends and party. Good times don't need to cost a thing...

Then there's the whole 60's and 70's peace & love imagery coming through fashion brands like Wildfox Couture.

Their collection would've fit so well in the film, "Across the Universe". Brainchild of Julie Taymore (Creator of "The Lion King" on Broadway), the film featured young actors & actresses playing out a story line inspired by Beatles songs. With an appearance by U2's Bono as a Jim Leary-type character, a young guy named Jude lives with a girl named Prudence...and the story reveals itself through Beatles songs..a work of art really.

Then there's the lovely & talented Erin Fetherson's collection. Poufy skirts and structured jackets are topped off with saucy minx accessories. The new power suit shoulder jackets meets Madonna like-a-virgin vivacious-ness. Mini skirt outfits combine the audacity of structure with the delicate air of a ballet dancer. 

Like something for a recital scene in the Fame movie hitting theaters later this year. Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome Back to the Future...via the 1980's.

I just think people are going to be more than ready come this Winter '09/Spring '10 to break out of the mould a little bit. Let their hair down and party like it's 1969. Or 1989. Even if just a little bit. And even if they do it BYOB or potluck style and get home by curfew, people are restless and ready to put down their calculator and take a walk on the wild side... 

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