Monday, August 31, 2009

i HEART Hawaii...

A Day in the Life of Hawaii...imagine watching a  fisherman at sunrise in Kahala, taking an afternoon walk through banyan trees, or watching a group of surfers during a brilliant Waikiki sunset...well, you matter where you are right now. Intimate images of everyday life in Hawaii are captured in vivid detail & storytelling by Hawaii Fish Eye. A blog that captures everything from local street art recently done in homage to Michael Jackson to the local Japanese bon dancing festival or the humor of a glass bottom boat full of tourists checking out local surfers instead of the local, underwater fish.

With dates and exact time the pictures where taken, there are also quotes that provide great story telling, humor, and peaceful contemplation. A joy to behold and check out, Hawaii Fish Eye offers a break from your everyday life. Kind of like a mini Mai Tai break or breathe of fresh air....

ALL PHOTOS: Hawaii Fish Eye

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  1. Hi! I found you via Maia at Une Envie de Sel (a wonderful blog). I'm hapa too and am featuring images of Hawaii from time to time on my blog too. You might like them.

    I like the range and breadth of your blog too. But if you come from Hawaii it's always a beautiful filter through which you experience the rest of the world.

    Much aloha!