Tuesday, December 23, 2008


inspiration...Coco Chanel once said, "La mode se demode, mais le style, jamais..." I've wanted to do this blog for a long time, because she was right. Fashion goes out of fashion but true style lasts forever. Style is something you have even if you can't afford those thousand dollar Gucci shoes. Style is expression and grace and beauty and personality all rolled up into one...it's that indescribable it factor that makes someone, something, or some place unique.

i've worked in magazines as a stylist and editor, am a published writer, and have also worked in advertising and brand design....yet at the heart of it i think i am some kind of visual stylist, finding that i can't fall asleep without visions of sugar plums...inspiration running randomly through my head..so i had to capture it and leave it all somewhere..like a butterfly that is free but needs a place to rest. so here is my nest, my little bursting cocoon stuffed and filled with goodies and delights i hope you enjoy as much as i do....smile, relax, and be inspired to set sails in your own life. we connect the dots sometimes through inspiration so run off after reading this blog to be a style nomad and fill your life with beauty. for life truly is BEAUTY full.

Tim Walker (above) is an amazing fashion photographer. He creates whimsical visual landscapes with humor and wit...stunning juxtapositions of opposites and objects in impossible placements ...as if you've fallen through the rabbitt hole. Much has been written about Walker and his Alice-in-Wonderland, beautiful, other-worldly photographs but he's one of my favorite photographers so I wanted to start off this blog by writing about him. Walker's most recent exhibit was at the Design Museum in London this past Fall. Their online shop still has his prints, exhibition books, and 2009 calendars available. --- STYLE NOMAD 12/23/08

PHOTO CREDITS: All photos by Tim Walker.

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