Monday, May 11, 2009

harlequin dreams...

anne valerie hash...reconstructs modern feminism from the str ucture of menswear and a kind of belle epoque beauty that mixes 80's super heroine fierceness in strong shoulders, hidden ruffles, and cinched waists. Her poetic opera of construction & grace mirrors a kind of romanticism and strength that reflect a modern girl's desire to be both feminine and at ease in her own personal sense of power. Perhaps it's Hash's eccentric, almost gothic beauty and origami like construction that has me both mesmerized and bemused. She's been a mainstay on the Paris fashion scene for handful of years. She started her first collection with very  minimal funds and has been deeply sought after every since. She recently held her "atelier de curiosites"exhibition at le palais royale in Paris along with publication of an exhibition book I am dreaming of owning....

ALL COLOR PHOTOS (ABOVE) : Mixed plate oAnne Valerie Hash's 2008-2009 collections
LAST TWO COLOR PHOTOS (BOTTOM): 3 Suisses Collection by Anne Valerie Hash

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