Sunday, May 17, 2009

playing dress up...

in the spirit of spring...(above) is a photo of designer Alber Elbaz of Lanvin which I love...this photo reflects his gentle inventiveness. (below) is a quote from Pamela Love, whose designs I also HEART very much. (Just got her bear ring & I wear it everday as a talisman...) 

"Francesco Clemente once said to me fashion is the quest for perfection and style is the acceptance of one’s flaws. I completely agree with this. I love style. I love seeing the way different people dress, how they put things together, how they deviate from the current trends, what they are referencing, and what this says about them and who they are. Style is a way of communication. Fashion has much more to do with money, retail and commercialism. You can buy fashion. You can’t buy style. It’s just something that is part of you. A girl can have style wearing a sweater she found in her mother’s closet and her boyfriend’s hat. It’s all about how you wear it and how you feel in what you wear." -- Pamela Love - NYC.

And, on the other side of the Atlantic...

just a little Pebbles London -- where stylists and well-known fashion designers go to get inspired and bring home exotic baubbles to mix and match with their collections. inspiring & fun...
The latest from Colette...wish I'd picked up The Selby's Paris exhibition book before it sold out...Colette always has something new and these helmets and shirt have me dreaming of zipping around on a moto or at least a moped this summer... :P


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