Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tokyo Milk, please...

.is it that I find a product whose design *and* scents sound unique and enticing. It seems like everyone keeps doing the same thing ad nausem. I came across wicked pretty Tokyo Milk months ago (I have an archive of cool finds - am posting as much as I can here one at a time). while it is a bit reminiscent of Lollia, the skulls and 18th century-like doll heads give Tokyo Milk a bit more edge. I love anything unisex, so there's Dead Sexy. A deep vanilla, exotic woods, white orchid, & ebony scent that's "crushed and distilled to perfection" - the perfect Feb. 14th gift for the X or Y-dominant chromosome set in your life. There's also Let Them Eat Cake -  Sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, & white musk; Kabuki - Sugared grapefruit, lychee & sweet jasmine; and Ex Libris - Fig leaf, magnolia, bronzed musk & cardamom. 

Branching out into lovely soaps and lip balms, it's a simple treat for your bathroom or yourself. I think it'd be cool to send one, carefully chosen treat for each of your girlfriends to remind them that with or without "that special someone" they're loved this V-day. I've got my eye on the Rose Water lip balm...for lips sugared sweet, tasting just like roses...-- STYLE NOMAD 01/11/09

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