Monday, March 23, 2009

ashes & snow...

intimate conversations...between the natural world and human world are captured through the expressive beauty of gregory colbert's photographs. ashes & snow is a traveling exhibit of colbert's photography taken around the world in remote and exotic locals. through colbert's magnificent eye, wild animals in intelligence & grace shift and meld into human contact. colbert's stunning work has even been transformed from metaphor to literature in a book that chronicles 365 letters from a fictional character to his wife...where in the end, you understand the beginning...
colbert also takes on artful alchemy in his codex project which binds his photography between ancient parchment paper and vintage book covers centuries old. breath-taking & atypical, colbert's photographs remind us of what we already know...that from which we are born, we will one day return...our intimate impact on the natural world around us has ripple effects. "the love that consists in this: that two solitudes protect and border and greet each other..." - Rainer Maria Rilke

ALL PHOTOS by: Gregory Colbert


  1. These are absolutely superb. I've seen one or two, but not the body of his work before. Wonderful.

  2. I love them. Esp. the boy reading the book....the monk with outstretched wings behind him...

  3. I love this blog and your selection of photos is excellent!!!
    Keep up the good work.

    - Leonarda