Tuesday, March 17, 2009

through the looking glass...

heidi merrick...reflects visions of who we're meant to be by redefining feminine and modern style. Her clothes are made with sumptuous fabrics that navigate shoulders and hips -creating grace in all the right places. From linen to silk, lined and precious...influences seem to appear from the past in entirely new ways...20's & 30's glamour girls who just threw something on that happens to be lithe n' luscious...the 40's collegiate princess who's pursuing both style & intellect...the cool, carefree bohemian traveler who looks gorgeous no matter what,  no matter when, no matter where...

Merrick's shapes and silhouettes have somehow brought the past forward in modern versions of a muse who is at once delicate and graceful, strong and adventurous. I feel in some small way that I'm already that girl wearing her clothes, as if I've always been and always want to be soft, graceful, agile, and lovely....all at once.

You can find Heidi's heavenly creations at her store in Los Angeles or online.

ALL PHOTOS: Heidi Merrick - Fall '08 and  Spring '09 Collections.

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