Monday, March 30, 2009


check! check! mate... if jan taminiau was serving up structured tiers of delicious tissued concontions, i would greedly ask for seconds! at least there is always another fashion season around the corner, another heady collection coming to inspire and spellbound me. taminiau is über-talented. i don't know how else to describe him. he interweaves fabrics in a meticulous and fluid way - mixing classical & innovative construction techniques - undoubtedly a reflection of his time spent training under greats like olivier theyskens and hubert barrere in paris (corsetiere to Dior, YSL, etc.). 

taminiau presents twice a year at paris fashion week and has featured installations at colette's in Paris.  taminiau's dutch hertiage mixes with cultures and influences from around the world both modern & antique. he recently launched his pret-a-porter line passe-partout SS09 and showed his couture collection check! check! mate. (see above). 

taminiau continuously seeks to bring forth the character of the wearer. he likes to leave behind what he calls the "fast-paced and fickle," modern world in order to return to something that is, in today's world, "almost a nostalgic source: security, respect for craftsmanship, and awareness of the importance of transience."

taminiau inspires with his blending of old and new, easy and tough. art inspires art no matter what it's form...whether it's your own finger painting with a child or music that helps you get up in the morning and go straight back into that 9-5 gig. taminiau inspires me to dream and sew again and write and to imagine a new image, a new thought, a new idea blending what has come before and never been done. he puts it best when he says, "i am continually translating the asymmetrical mirror of life." 

how lovely to do the same in our own lives. redefine what beauty and art and love and the best of ourselves is. what would our best look like?

jan taminiau 2008 collection below

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  1. These are gorgeous - I love both the old-style glamor of the dresses and the photo shoot among the ladders.

  2. Hello ladies ;) Thanks for your comments. I know! I love his structured hand-work - amazing....kind of reminds us of how no one takes the time anymore in general...there's something to be said about the time and care it takes to do certain things like construct clothes that are like works of art...or make a meal from scratch etc. :)